Sinna’s Choice

Fellow readers! Have you ever read a book and disagreed with the choices made by the characters? Have you wished you could steer the plot instead? In life, have you made a decision, and then wished you could rewind and make an alternate choice? Who hasn’t! My novel Sinna’s Choice allows you to indulge in such decision making and then change your mind if you want (isn’t that a woman’s right?).

We all remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books we loved as children. At the end of the chapter, you have two options regarding the plot, and you turn to the appropriate page to discover how your choice affected the character.  I am bringing that concept to contemporary adult romance.  If you decide that Sinna should date Chad, turn to the appropriate page and discover how that unfolds. Dissatisfied with that outcome or curious about how things would have worked with Damien? Go back and make the other choice and find out!

The novel converges into one last chapter which leaves Sinna with an ultimate decision to tackle.  You can then come back to this website and vote on which choice she should make, with majority decision deciding the beginning of the next book in the series. I am bringing the beloved audience participation contest of shows like American Idol to the world of literature.

I am in the process of acquiring a literary agent, getting published and then selling the books. I would love all of the support in that aspect so please like my Facebook page and take my survey.  I will also blog about my journey in the publishing world on this website, so join me in this adventure, as we bring Sinna and her choices to the world.

Plot Outline

Twenty-two year old medical student Sinna’s idea of a long term relationship is staying overnight for breakfast the next morning. She is forced to consider commitment when her latest conquest is a sexy classmate who wants more than just sex. Faced with the daunting prospect of succumbing to Every-Woman’s fantasy of happiness, she allows herself to remember the experiences and heartaches that formed her current attitudes toward love.

Her early experiences with romance started in university, when the ugly duckling became a swan sought after by two men she would have previously considered out of her league.  Unfortunately both are inseparable, best friends who would never tread on the other’s turf.   It becomes clear to Sinna that she is going to have to be the one who chooses between them, and that she has to overcome her ingrained insecurities to initiate her first romance.

Chad is a cinnamon skinned honey eyed bartender bouncing from college major to major, unsure of what the future has in store for him.  One thing he does know is what he wants for the present, which is to possess beautiful and innocent Sinna. But will his affection for her be enough to keep him away from all of the other women who make themselves so available to him?

With his All- American good looks, Damien has always found women an easy and entertaining pastime.  Deeply damaged by the one woman he has ever loved, he distracts and assuages himself with a revolving bedroom door.  Sinna’s beauty is alluring, but as he gets to know her, her sparkle becomes a greater draw. Should he reject her advances since he isn’t ready for a relationship, or use her for the only purpose women hold for him? In the end, would Sinna only find heartache with Damien?

As she navigates through situations and propositions from each of these two men, as well as others, the reader is allowed to make Sinna’s choices for her.  Although each decision leads to vastly disparate conclusions, they all converge into one closing chapter that leaves Sinna with an ultimate decision to tackle.

The reader is then directed to to decide for Sinna what decision she should make. The majority decision dictates the beginning of the next book in the series.